Text Box: Greydove Nordic Liaison

Nordic is our imported dog from Greydove Kennels in Australia. He is the most charming dog and has all the skills I prefer in a dog, great mentality, good huntingability, high working capacity, easyhandeled and with a beautiful exteriour.

At the age of 7 months Nordic was awarded as best tracking dog of the year 2002 in the district of Ostergotland, for his mature and excellent trackingability. He was only 9 months old when he gained the title Swedish Bloodtracking Champion.

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Text Box: Born: 2002-02-16
Text Box: Greydove Nordic Liaison “Nordic”
Text Box: Breeder: Greydove Kennels Australia


Swedish Winner 2007

Best In Show Progeny Group World Dog Show 2006

Winner Top-show weimaraner 2005

Swedish Winner 2005
Club Winner 2005

Best pointing dog Group 7,
Dog of the Year 2004

Best weimaraner, Dog of the Year 2004
#36 ranked showdog 2004 in Sweden, all breeds

Winner Top-show weimaraner 2003

Swedish Winner 2002
Winner of Challengeprize "the Silverpointer" 2002

Multi All Breeds Best in Show
Multi Group Winner

Swedish Bloodtracking Champion
Best trackingdog of the year 2002 in the district Ostergotland

Youthclass: Tracking 8,Water 8

Sir of Polish, Luxembourg, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Romanian & Baltic Champions

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